Vi de Glass, elegance and balance

The Vi de Glass range, which has wines of three different varieties – Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Xarel·lo -, stands out for its balance between sweetness and freshness, which makes these sweet wines very special. Years of research have been needed to make it in search of a wine capable of showing the richness of sweet ice wines. Using the most avant-garde technology, Vi de Glass is made by freezing the grapes at their optimum moment of maturity. After a slow and natural fermentation, the result is a very concentrated and fruity wine, sweet and refreshing at the same time.

Vi de Glass are great wines to accompany moments of social gatherings and on the table. They surprise as an aperitif and pair especially well with fruit-based dishes. In addition, its acidity allows other possibilities such as foie gras and soft paste cheeses.

Grape varieties
Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Xarel·lo.



This wine is expressive with aromas of exotic fruit (lychees and mango) combined with a delicate floral touch. It is pleasant and lingering on entry to the palate and followed by a refreshing finish that balances its sweetness.


In this wine, we find very expressive fruity aromas, including mandarin, orange peel and peach. Honey and white flowers notes with some balsamic overtones (thyme, mint) complete the whole. Approachable, well-balanced and very pleasant.


This sweet wine offers up floral notes, hints of citrus (lime, grapefruit peel), exotic fruit (ripe pineapple and mango), table grapes, wild peaches and acacia honey. It is pleasant, smooth and glyceric with a lovely acidity on the finish keeping it crisp and fresh.

Frisant de Gel

Fruity and fresh, Frisant is a nice proposal for a sweet wine that surprises with a refreshing touch of carbonic. 100% gewürztraminer, it is made based on a premise: the extraction of the essence, which represents the noblest part of the variety. For this, we carried out a freezing technique with which cold wines are obtained. Once the wine has been made, and in order to achieve the frizzante result, a second fermentation of a part of its sugars is carried out.

Its fine, integrated bubbles and that touch of sweetness while refreshing make Frisant can be enjoyed at many times of the day. It is a great ally as an aperitif, to whet your appetite, and also in the afternoon. Thanks to its natural sweetness, it pairs very well with desserts, both with cheeses and with fruit-based dishes.