A WALK in the mountains, the SMELL OF THE SEA BREEZE, a pleasant chat, long conversations around the dinner table…
THERE ARE TIMES IN LIFE when we want to savour the moment and CREATE MEMORIES that will remain etched in our memory and which we will later recall with a happy smile.

There are magical moments that remain ingrained in our memories forever.

They are the moments when we enjoy life to the full and these are the moments that we love to share. To honour each of these special moments and to prolong their enjoyment, we have captured their essence in our ‘Vins Per Estimar El Vi’.

Wines for experiencing and celebrating life and wine. They are concept wines, some aromatic and sensual – like GESSAMÍ -, bright and refreshing – like MART -, thirst-quenching – MUSTILLANT BLANC and ROSÉ – and a collection of very special sweet wines – VI DE GLASS -.

For us, wine is a way of feeling and sharing, of relating to our world and the environment around us.

That is why we take great care of our vines by working our land organically. We also use sustainable practices in the winery, including a reduction in the weight of our packaging, which in turn reduces their carbon footprint during transport, and the use of renewable energies, such as solar energy. All this helps us to preserve the rich and varied ecosystem that is beneficial to the environment and, therefore, to the grapes we use to craft our wines.